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Lost at War (2007) AKA Lost in Battlefield, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Sifi Flick, Science Fiction, War Movie, Complete Feature Film.

Runtime 1h 33min
Director: David A. Prior
Writer: David A. Prior
Stars: Ted Prior, Jack Vogel, James Hayward Brinkley

This is a Twilight Zone type story that involves five soldiers out on a mission. And they soon find themselves stuck in a foxhole in an apparently deserted camp. Then strange things begin to happen. For one they are surrounded by strange creatures shrouded in black who do not fire on them or attempt to hurt them in any way but still they stay out there watching, almost as if waiting for something. And this, along with other things that happen, cause these men to question whether they are alive or dead. And that is where their struggle begins. Frequent flashbacks to each of the five soldiers lives show the people in their lives that at one point interacted with another soldier of the squad. Exploring the age old question of fate and if it is something that is written in stone or something people can affect. One by one, four of these five men give in to fate as it were and walk off into the woods never to be seen again, but Captain Jason Briggs will not give up for any reason and in the end it is up to him alone to find out if he can truly change his own fate.

In the middle of a war which isn't specified, half a platoon of soldiers are sent out on an early morning mission, and upon arriving at the rendezvous point, find a deserted camp. Black visions blur in the forest surrounding them, and stranger things start to happen. They have gone through some type of tunnel and felt the unexplainable.

The movie starts off in the middle of a firefight, presumably with some terrorists. We don't know exactly where the story is set, but this is only a short firefight, and they head back to camp. The Colonel is very happy with the results, and is sending them on a special mission in the AM. No details are provided, they will be given before heading out, but we don't get to see this part.

I almost wish I hadn't seen Zombie Wars before watching this because I think it somehow affected my opinion. The reason being most of the same actors were in this film. All that aside, I have to say this movie definitely lives up to it's Twilight Zone style, and at times you have no idea what is going on, basically it isn't predictable.

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Krieg und Action pur, Suspense nonstop. Genrefachmann DAVID A. PRIOR kreiert eine hyperrealistische Krieg-im-Dschungel-Saga und arbeitet darüber hinaus noch mit Elementen des Ghost Thrillers. Ein einzigartiger Genre-Hybrid, der sich unauslöschlich ins Bewusstsein des Zuschauers fräsen wird…

Handlung: Fünf amerikanische Soldaten in irgendeinem Auslandseinsatz rücken aus, durchqueren Gelände und stoßen schließlich auf ein Zeltlager ähnlich dem ihren, bloß verlassen. Vom Feind werden sie nicht beschossen, obgleich sie schemenhafte Gestalten wahrnehmen. Dann setzen Ereignisse ein, die sich niemand erklären kann. Aus dem Nichts erhält man Essen wie von Mutter daheim. Wenn ein Soldat sich Bier wünscht, findet er prompt welches. Schöne Mädchen tauchen auf. Kann das alles ein Traum sein? Eine Falle? Das Leben nach dem Tod?

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